Teen’s Program

Palo Alto Martial Arts offers classes for students of various age groups and skill levels. For those just starting out, we stress a traditional style of taekwondo based on the standards of the taekwondo headquarters — Kukkiwon. This traditional style builds strong self-discipline, teaches respect and obedience, and provides a great foundation for our students to begin their martial art journeys.

Teen ProgramAt the intermediate level, we begin introducing our students to Olympic style taekwondo. Olympic (or World Taekwondo Federation) style is similar to traditional style taekwondo. However, Olympic style taekwondo is more dynamic due to the addition of advanced footwork and the emphasis on speed. At this level, students will learn more advanced footwork, build greater agility, and gain greater flexibility.
When one becomes adept in both the traditional Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Federation styles, that student is welcome to join the advanced class. Here, creativity is stressed as students learn to take elements from both styles and combine them into an open style. This process allows students to gain a better understanding of the differences and similarities of both traditional and Olympic styles. For the truly advanced, concepts and techniques from other styles of martial arts are incorporated. These include: Hapkido Self-defense skills and weapons such as knives, Knunchaku, and escrima sticks.

Teen’s Program: the teen years are an intense period of growth not only physically but also mentally and morally. It is usually a time of confusion for many families. Despite this, teens are typically energetic, idealistic, and extremely thoughtful. This is a perfect time to help your teen grow into the distinct individual they were meant to be.

Palo Alto Martial Art’s training will give your teen the confidence it takes to make good choices in life. We firmly believe that through confidence in yourself and your abilities – brought about through hard work and determination – nothing will keep you from your goals.

The journey from white belt to black belt will give your teen a deep sense of their true self. This journey will teach your teen how to overcome obstacles in life, how to focus and exercise discipline when needed, and most importantly how to surround themselves among achievers. Our successful energy is contagious and your teen will undoubtedly catch our fire!