Studio Rules

Proper Dress Code

Students must wear a Do Boak (uniform) that is embossed with the Palo Alto Martial Arts logo in order to train. Women/girls are allowed to wear light T-shirts under the Do Boak, but men/boys must wear the Do Boak alone. No socks may be worn during the class. Also, no jewelry (watches, bracelets, necklace, dangling earrings, etc.) is allowed for safety reasons. Students will not be allowed to train without proper attire.


When students come into the Dojang (school), they show respect by properly bowing to the senior belts, especially to the black belts.

How to enter the training area?

First, the student must remove their shoes and bow at the entryway. They must then look to the flags on the wall and bow to the flags to show respect. They may then walk into the training area.

How to behave in the training area?

If a student arrives early and there is no class in session, he/she may enter the training area quietly and stretch out or practice until the class begins. There are to be no loud conversations or running around. If a student is late to class, he/she must wait at the edge of the training floor until the instructor gives permission to enter. Also, there is no drinking or eating allowed in the training area.

How to address the instructors?

Black belts who are 8th degree and higher are addressed as “ Grand Master”. At our school there is one black belt at this level: Master Kwangil Bae (8th degree), who can also be addressed as “Kwan-Jang-Nim.” All other instructors are addressed as “Sa-Bum-Nim or Cho-Kyo-Nim”. When answering the instructors, the proper responses are either “Yes, ma’am!” or “Yes, sir!” It is NEVER “yeah” or “what?”