Congraduation to Belina Jeon who has won 1st in both 2019 Pan Am Open and Pan Am Championship!

Elite Taekwondo Center And Palo Alto Martial Arts are sincerely proud to announce our own student who is hard working and determined, Belina Jeon, who has won 1st in both 2019 Pan Am Open and Pan Am Championships. For those who aren’t familiar, Pan American (Pan Am) Open is a tournament where competitors from both parts of America compete. Competitors who are part of a National Team from each country qualifies to compete at this competition. Each countries send their nation’s best student to compete. Over all, the cadets in her division were all very competitive, representing their own country. With these 2 wins she was given the Best Female Athlete award. Grandmaster Bae is extremely proud of Belina’s achievement as well as thankful to Grand master Arnold Chung as well as other masters from Team Elite USA who has helped this team grow. We look forward to seeing her achieve her goals in school and in future competitions, USA Taekwondo National Championships and more. Keep up the great work and let’s get through the obstacles you will face!


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